Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association
An apex body of indian paper & board Manufacturers based on non-woody raw materials
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    Providing Clean Environment
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    Our Members Manufacture Eco-friendly Paper
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    Technology Initiative
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    Converting waste into wealth
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    Creating Economy and Rural Employment
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    Encouraging Agricultural activities in Rural Areas
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    Providing Extra Income for Farmers
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    Encouraging and creating awareness on
    wastepaper collection

IARPMA Publications


As the national association of non-woody paper manufacturers in India with global vision, IARPMA provides a broad based platform to highlight Indian paper industry's views and articulate its strategy. The major motto of IARPMA is to promote the interests of paper industry in India, particularly non-wood based segments and help it to achieve global competitiveness while striving to be an active participant in the policy making process. The agro and recycled paper mills were encouraged with the following principal objectives:

  1. To function as a catalytic agent for the promotion and development of Paper Industry.
  2. To create additional paper making capacity,
  3. To meet the growing demand of paper with short gestation period and low capital investment per tonne of paper
  4. To encourage utilization of annually renewable agricultural residues and industrial waste for manufacture of paper to augment growth of the paper industry by conservation and waste recycling.
  5. To decentralize conventional paper manufacturing activity with a view to control monopoly consistent with nation's policies and also to develop and employ appropriate / intermediate technology to utilize agro residues and create a sustained and ecologically non-violent alternative sector / movement to conventional use of raw materials.
  6. To disperse industries in rural areas and promote economic development and provide rural employment with a large objective of integrating industry with agriculture.
  7. To encourage indigenous collection and segregation of waste paper to meet the increasing demand of raw material requirement of Indian Paper Industry
  8. To promote and encourage consumers to use more and more non-woody eco-friendly paper and paper products