Indian Agro & Recycled Paper Mills Association
An apex body of indian paper & board Manufacturers based on non-woody raw materials
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    Providing Clean Environment
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    Our Members Manufacture Eco-friendly Paper
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    Technology Initiative
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    Converting waste into wealth
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    Creating Economy and Rural Employment
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    Encouraging Agricultural activities in Rural Areas
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    Providing Extra Income for Farmers
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    Encouraging and creating awareness on
    wastepaper collection

IARPMA Publications


IARPMA although represents non-wood and recycled fibre sector of paper mills in the country, it always endeavours to bring all the segments of the paper manufacturers as well as machinery and equipment manufacturers as well as service providers, consultants, etc under the one umbrella and also to facilitate linkage within the supply chain management. Its range of Activities are :-

Provide a common platform for dialogues between Governments and industry representatives at various forums. Interface media, opinion leaders, technical consultants, NGOs and industry associations to present the proper perspective of Indian paper industry and thereby participate in the policy making process. Promote environ-friendly excellence in paper manufacturing by conferring awards and also to recognize contributions of veterans in Pulp and paper Industry by conferring lifetime achievement awards. Liaisons with international bodies with an aim to gain better visibility for Indian paper industry and also to highlights the achievements of Indian Paper Industry worldwide.

Liaisons and Co-ordinations with reputed research institutes, universities and to ensure better platforms for industry-research collaborations and implementations of research findings. To organize meetings and discussions to evaluate policies having direct or indirect bearing on the paper industry and to submit suggestions to the policy makers on the issues and concerns of member mills. Organise workshops, seminars, and exhibitions, promote sponsorship and participate in national and international events, sponsoring delegations as a part of promotional activities related to pulp and paper industry in India and abroad.

The activities and objective of the association could also be divided into the following segments.

  1. To function as a catalytic agent for the promotion of industry & represent the industry with the Government, Non Governmental Organisations, International bodies, etc and also help the industry to bring latest technologies from overseas countries.
  2. To provide technical support to the paper industry and co-ordinating with industry and research bodies.
  3. a) To encourage, promote and develop the manufacturing of non-wood based papers of all kinds and to safeguard and protect the interest of the non-wood based paper mills in India.
  4. To provide a common platform of agro based paper mills for exchange of information and opinion of interest to th e agro based paper mills in India.
  5. To undertake professional, technical and management consultation services: to undertake studies, surveys and research projects; to organize common service facilities for its members.
  6. To advice ways and means for securing necessary supply including import of raw materials and other required for the manufacture of agro-based paper comparatively at lower prices
  7. To collect, collate and disseminate the information, which are of interest to the members of the Association.
  8. To make representations whenever necessary to the Union Government and/or any State Government Departments and/or authorities.
  9. To join, to subscribe, to federate or affiliate with any other association, federation or chamber whose objects in whole or in part similar to those of the Association or conducive to the promotion, or the aims and objects of the Association.
  10. To conduct undertake the conduct of and participate in national and international exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops etc.
  11. To sponsor delegations of member abroad for technology upgradation; to receive delegations from abroad for exchange of information and inter-action for the benefit of the members of the Association.
  12. To carry out activities for diffusion of useful knowledge about non-wood based paper and its allied products.
  13. To create awareness for environment pollution control, green cover development by way of seminars, conferences, workshops, training programme etc to the shop-floor personnel of the paper mills through out the country.
  14. To encourage, promote, advance, protect, diffuse useful knowledge, information, techniques relating to agro based paper and pulp and their products in India.
  15. To hold, organize exhibitions, seminar etc for propagation of useful knowledge about agro based paper and/or pulp products etc.
  16. To endeavour for making available agro based renewable raw material for production of agro based paper, pulp and paper and /or pulp products in India.
  17. To publish and / or circulate books, journals and other useful literature necessary for diffusion of useful knowledge of Agro based Paper and Pulp and their products manufacturing in India.